Our Services

CAFI offers two categories of services in general, namely soft commodity trading and freight services.

Soft Commodity Trading:

CAFI will trade soft commodities around the world, especially developing markets to ensure the continuous availability of grain in MENA region at the most competitive prices. CAFI is also aiming to mitigate the effect of price fluctuation in the international market by maintaining a strategic commodity stock. With a specially trained team of brokers to produce the necessary analysis of world market trends, CAFI will be able to sell to our clients at Full On Board (FOB), CIF premium or flat prices. CAFI will provide its clients with information on all international grain markets, including but not limited to Chicago, Kansas City, Argentina, Brazil, Europe and Australia, and Russia. The core market of CAFI will be the MENA region. Although this region accounts for over 11.8% of the global grain import, most dealers trade on a relatively small scale and thus lack the economies of scale and the market know how in global trade. CAFI is right in the place to serve these buyers with its bulk global purchase and first-class freight services.


CAFI offers freight service by chartering and logistics management. A team of specialists would arrange international shipping chartering and logistics services tailored to the demands of the clients. CAFI also plans to own and manage vessels and operate certain logistics facilities of its own in the near future. The freight services will facilitate all purchasing and selling activities of CAFI. This convenient package of freight services is also offered to clients all over the world, helping DMCC-based corporations to simplify their business operation.