About Us

Commodities And Freight Integrator (CAFI) is a service corporation providing clients with soft commodities trading, logistics, and maritime services worldwide, especially focusing on the region of Middle East and North Africa (MENA). CAFI provides trade services by conducting physical purchases and sales of soft commodities on large scale. The business know-how and economies of scale allows CAFI to gain a competitive edge. Meanwhile, CAFI conducts trade in the futures market to mitigate the effect of price fluctuation in the international market, and helps clients manage structured commodities tailored to their needs. The freight services include chartering and logistics management, with a team of specialists managing a worldwide network.

CAFI is a spin off from Venus International Free Zone for Grain Trading & Marine Services (Venus International), headquartered in Egypt.

The starting business region of CAFI is MENA, which accounts for over 11.8% of world grain import. Now that most of the purchases are conducted at a relatively small scale by regional buyers, with little bargaining power over the world monopoly grain traders, such situation allows CAFI a unique opportunity to serve as the regional coordinator of grain trade, purchase grain in large quantity to achieve economies of scale and serve its clients.

CAFI would gradually penetrate the market through two phases of operation, starting from trade on all kinds of soft commodities, and then expanding the business to run international freight services. Promotion activities would be carried out both by attending international trade shows, and by direct sales of a sales team.

The company is a limited corporation owned by three investors. The owners and their proportion of ownership are as follows: Ahmed El-Rafei, 40%; Mohammed Abdel-Fadil, 40%; Hassan Abdel-Fadil, 20%.

CAFI gets professional support from four consultancy firms, namely Baker& McKinsey as corporate attorney, BDO Khaled & Co as financial consultant, Promark Corporation LTD as human resource consultant, and Platinum Partners as business consultant.